Rail System Activities: 3. International Caspian Road Construction and Public Transport Exhibition

  1. International Caspian Road Construction and Public Transport Fair will be held in Baku, the Capital of Azerbaijan, between 13-15 June 2013.

Exhibition sectors

Road infrastructure

Road, bridge, tunnel design and engineering
Road-building machines and equipment (graders, loading buckets, excavators, pneumatic and hydraulic tools, border laying machines)
Pavement material (asphalt, concrete, gravel), road-building materials
Routine maintenance of roads (road sweepers, stump pullers, cleaning and waste handling equipment, surface maintenance and repair equipment)
Tunnel drilling machines and equipment
Road construction quality control systems
Field survey equipment
Surveying, sub-surface geophysical equipment
Mapping and Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Parking systems (land and underground parking, tolls, card reader, automatic payment systems)
Moving obstacles
Road furniture (bus stops, benches, trash cans, dad)
Public Lighting
Noise reduction systems
Gas stations (filling station)

Information technologies

Wage and passenger control systems
Intelligent Traffic Control Systems
Automatic vehicle classification systems
Screens for public transport
Road electronic monitor
Navigation systems
Signal control systems
Radio technical
Traffic safety and vehicles simulator systems

Public transport

Buses and coaches
Water Public Transport
Public transport interior - seat, lighting, upholstery, audio-video systems
Public transport exterior - tire, brake systems, electrical systems, cabin and body
Bicycle and motorcycle storage systems
Metro rolling stocks and carts
Metro station construction and equipment
Public transport HVAC systems (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning)
Public transport maintenance: dispatch centers, warehouses, repair services, car wash systems
Products and services for disabled passengers
Elevators and escalators

Road safety

Road and traffic signs
Reducing devices Obstacles and impact
Traffic mirrors
Emergency vehicles
Road marking machines and materials
Reflective material
Ice detection systems and winter maintenance
Alcohol analysis
Devices that emit special light and sound signals
Road surface control equipment
Speed ​​control and measurement systems
Speed ​​restrictors
Safety clothing

Consulting, Investment, Research and Education

Public Transport
Road infrastructure projects investment
Higher education institutions
Research institutes
Road safety trainings
Environmental management
Site security services
Quality Control and Certification
Professional associations
Press and publication

Traffic by Numbers 2.012

Participant: 118 (Trans Hazar 2.012 participant included)
Professional visits 1804:
Participating countries: 12

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