3. International Excavations Underground Excavations Symposium 2013

  1. International Excavations Underground Excavations Symposium 2013
    Excavation of underground structures such as subways and tunnels for transportation purposes in our country has gained importance especially during the last 20-25 year. Chamber of Mining Engineers Istanbul Branch organized the first of the amacıyla Underground Excavations Symposium in Transportation esi in Istanbul in order to compile its knowledge and experience in this field. 1994 of great interest. The book of the symposium was exhausted in a short time, and in the 1 of the Room Management, it added some new papers and made the second edition of the book. The second of this symposium was successfully held in November 2004 with the participation of 2007 delegates from Turkey and abroad.

During the 6 year since the second symposium, the latest developments in excavation technologies have revealed the need to re-compile the relevant multidisciplinary accumulations, both domestic and international. The fact that the trends in the tunneling and mining sector of our country have also increased has made the issue more important. Based on these reasons and the intense demands of our stakeholders in the industry, 29 X 30 2013 3 November. It was decided that the Symposium and Exhibition of Underground Excavations in International Transportation will be held in Haliç Congress Center in Istanbul.

  1. The main objective of the Underground Excavations Symposium and Exhibition in International Transport is to bring together all the stakeholders of the sector, such as contractors, engineering firms, consultants, machine builders and suppliers, as well as the managers and technical staff of public institutions and administrations, in parallel with the increasing need for infrastructure. to contribute. We believe that the symposium will take place with a wide participation of local and foreign practitioners and scientists. We would like to invite all our stakeholders as the Chamber of Mining Engineers Istanbul Branch and Tunneling Association for this symposium, which we think will pass in festive atmosphere and the World Tunneling Association (ITA) has decided to support.

Prof.Dr.Nuh Bilgin
On behalf of the Executive Committee

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