1 million signatures proposal for Antalya Isparta and Burdur high-speed train

1 million signatures proposal for Antalya Isparta and Burdur high-speed train
Antalya, Isparta and Burdur are the only heart for the fast train

1 million signature proposal for fast train

Çetin Osman Budak, President of the ANTALYA Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ATSO), proposed a campaign to collect 2016 million signatures in Antalya, Isparta and Burdur for the high-speed train to be delivered to Expo 1 Antalya. BAGEV and ATB and the heads of chambers and exchanges of Isparta and Burdur announced that they would support Budak's proposal. Budakk stated that if EXPO is considered as a big event or a turning point, the high-speed train should be discussed.

Çetin Osman Budak said that Antalya, Isparta and Burdur should not be forgotten about the high-speed train that will come to Konya and will be in Afyonkarahisar next year. Pointing out that the 2023 planning for Antalya is too late, Budak said, “We say that this project should be brought forward 7 years and the high-speed train will bring Antalya to Anatolia in 2016. Ankara, even we are calling on all of Turkey. We say, come to EXPO by high speed train ”.

Stating that this is the demands of the government as ATSO, Budak said, “We are also calling out to Antalya. Do not sit so quietly and excitedly. Let's collect 1 million signatures. Burdur and Isparta should join this signature. If we collect 1 million signatures, the government will take action, and domestic and foreign capital that can protect this high-speed train will also take action. This may happen, but Antalya needs to throw away this dead soil, deal with this issue as a non-party issue and be in unity ”.


On the call of ATSO Chairman Budak, with Ali Çandır, Chairman of the Western Mediterranean Economy Development Foundation (BAGEV) and Antalya Commodity Exchange (ATB), Isparta Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ITSO), Burdur Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BUTSO), Isparta Commodity Exchange (ITB) and Burdur Commodity Exchange (BTB) and Burdur chamber and exchange presidents also supported.


Ali Çandır, President of BAGEV and ATB, showed that Antalya is at a point that it does not deserve in the accessibility ranking, and that the most basic indicator of this is not being connected to the railway network. Çandır stated that the railway is very important for the economy of the region in terms of both the port and the communication of local and foreign visitors with Anatolia, financial loads in transportation, and that they will support the campaign to be launched both as BAGEV and ATB.


Stating that bringing the high-speed train to the region is of great importance, BUTSO President Yusuf Keyik said that Budak's idea of ​​the signature campaign was positive and different projects could be developed by sitting down and talking. Stating that the high speed train is one of the most important priorities of the region, Keyik said, “We have been following this issue frequently before the Ministry of Transport for years. The signature campaign makes perfect sense. We are ready to give all kinds of support by determining the feet of Burdur and Isparta to what extent we need to participate in this ”.


ITSO Vice President Şükrü Başdeğirmen stated that Isparta, Burdur and Antalya carry out joint studies in many points and said, “We will make all kinds of investments in terms of eliminating the development differences between the three provinces. We take our place in the 2016 target of the train route and provide the necessary support. I believe that Ispartal will fulfill all his responsibilities in this regard, ”he said.


Stating that the three provinces are working together in many areas in a unity, ITB President Ahmet Adar stated that they will give the necessary support to the idea of ​​ATSO President Budak's signature campaign to bring the high-speed train to the region in 2016, and that they are in favor of the high-speed train being delivered to 2016. Stating that there is not a distinction but a integrity for Burdur, Isparta and Antalya, BTB President Baki Varol said that they are ready to put themselves under responsibility, not their hands, to contribute to the regional economy within this integrity.

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