Old used wagon in Turgutlu Gar burned

The old wagon that was not used in the Turgutlu Station burned in. An old wagon that was not used in the Turgutlu Station turned into a fire. According to the information received, who noticed that the old wagon that was not used in Turgutlu Station was burning [more…]


Sarıgöl Junction Construction Started

Construction of Sarıgöl Junction started. It was stated that the works will be completed within two months and the traffic will be comfortable. Construction of the intersection road connecting Sarıgöl, Buldan and Alaşehir for a long time, traffic [more…]


Tunnel Works in Gazze

Yasir el-Benna - While the embargo in Gaza continues, tunnels in the Refah region, located on the border of Egypt - Gaza, almost serve as an industrial zone that meets the basic needs of the people. [more…]


Fındıksuyu Creek Bridge

The two neighborhoods are combined with the bridge to be built on the Fındıksuyu Creek, which will connect the Orta Mahallesi and Adnan Menderes Neighborhoods. Teams affiliated to Kartepe Municipality Directorate of Science Affairs [more…]


Musha 4 New Overpass

AK Party Mush MP Faruk Light, said in a statement, the Van Regional Director of Highways as a result of their interviews with the city center, said they had decided to make the 4 overpass. [more…]