Military Ski Facilities Opened to Civilians in Yüksekova

Military Ski Facilities Opened to Civilians in Yüksekova

In the Yüksekova district of Hakkari, military ski facilities were opened to civilians. Especially at the weekend, the citizens of Yüksekova and civil servants, teachers and other official institutions working in the district show great interest to the ski resort. It has been stated that the facility, which has become a popular place for citizens throughout the day, will continue to serve for a long time.

Ski facilities belonging to the 3th Border Regiment of the 7rd Infantry Division of the Yüksekova became a popular haunt of Yüksekova residents on weekends. The offspring comes to the facility, which takes the child. While privates also serve civilian citizens, it was observed that civilians were not charged for skiing, especially for skiing.

On the other hand, with the snow correction tool all day long distortion in the track, to prevent damage, while also creating a social environment in the facility, coffee and tea at the beginning of the wood stove was provided. Again, the tables were set up outside the country to prepare sausage bread for the citizens.

Citizens coming to the resort, we thank you for providing us with this service, at least we have the opportunity to get a recognition. I would like to thank our army for providing this service, I'm Yüksekovada teacher, so a very beautiful landscape at least we did not know that the environment waiting for such a high. so people can understand maybe different but really nice.

Another Citizen Yüsekovada It is really nice to have such a ski resort. It is a good thing both for the ring military integration. Of course, an indispensable place to be spent especially in the west in March, snow is now in the summer, but we're starting to skate here more hopefully expect every incision.

Another citizen said: “We really thank the soldier for providing us with such an opportunity in Yüksekova. We are really happy that we have such opportunities in front of our house, under our nose. We thank those who provided the possibilities.

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