Yıldız Technical University Rail Systems Club Opening

📩 25/11/2018 21:07

Yıldız Technical University Rail Systems Club Opening
Yildiz Technical University (YT) is a first in Turkey "Rail Club" at the opening, it was expressed that solves the developed countries of the traffic problems of the railway system of Turkey stressed the need to be integrated urgently this system.
Yildiz Technical University, which is a first in Turkey "Rail Club" was established. In YTU, aiming to contribute not only to education but also to their social and after-school life, from Machine Technologies to Dance, from Wind Energy to Theater, from Business to Mountaineering, from Quality and Efficiency to Photography, From the Plastic Arts to the Robotic and Automation clubs, the 41 active student club is located.
Stars in finally opened YTÜ Rail Club at the Technical University of Finance, Star students develop themselves in both rail systems, as well as with projects that will contribute to more widespread use of Turkey's system, Turkey will contribute to the transportation and industry.
YTU students established at the opening of the Rail Systems Club, the developed countries solved the problem of traffic with rail systems. Yildiz Technical University Rector Prof.Dr. Dr. İsmail Yüksek hosted the meeting; Deputy Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Yahya Baş, Mayor of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, Mayor of Marmara Municipalities Recep Altepe, Rail Systems Platform President Cemal Alçık, students and Özen Media Group RayHABER team.
In his speech at the opening of the club, Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor and Marmara Municipalities Union President Recep Altepe emphasized the importance of rail systems in transportation. Stating that traffic is the main driver of the problems in cities, Altepe noted that this problem can be solved with the adaptation of the rail systems to the public transportation system. The world experienced in this country's experience could be for example in Turkey Altepe President noted, "No need to rediscover Rome. No matter how far we drive, there is no way we can solve the traffic with rubber-wheeled transportation. We need to integrate rail systems into traffic for a breathing transportation. Today, 4 vehicles of passengers are transported in a 500-car subway wagon, and 100 passengers are carried on a tram. World countries have done this. “Why should we live these experiences again” he said.
Altepe, manufacturing technology intensity in his speech expressed that forced Europe to Turkey, "a young and productive workforce, we have the factory working with new and high technology. We can produce too much with little error. This means that Turkey has great advantages that the good should be evaluated. I hope we will produce and sell to the world, we will reach our goals ”.
Transport, Shipping and Communications Deputy Minister Yahya head, in the opening which provide information about high-speed train study conducted in Turkey, all regions where the percent of Turkey 70-80 ratio speed train indicated that they wanted to make it possible to transport, "Currently Konya-Ankara and Eskişehir-Ankara lines are operational. "We will make it even more profitable by delivering the high-speed train to Istanbul, Bursa and Izmir."
Announcing that they will put the Istanbul-Ankara high-speed train line into service on 29 October 2013, Deputy Minister Yahya Baş said, “We want to run the high-speed train on a route extending to Sivas, Erzincan, İzmir and Antalya within the framework of our 2023 targets. When we do this, it will be possible to reach regions where 70-80 percent of our country lives by high speed trains ”.
Rector Prof. Dr. İsmail Yüksek, in his speech, wished success to the founders and laborers of the "Rail Systems Student Club", and mentioned the necessity of rail systems and the technical and infrastructural work on this subject. Rector Yüksek noted:
“Transportation, which is one of the most important elements of economic and social life, interacts with many factors. Developments in technology have brought forward the desire of people to live more comfortably, safely and to use their time more efficiently. Rail system transportation; Besides being safe, fast and economical, it is also an important alternative for solving problems such as heavy traffic and environmental pollution caused by urbanization. Rail transport systems are considered as the most important planning tool in solving the transportation problem in our fast and unplanned developing cities. As in many developed countries, the transition to rail transport systems is inevitable. For this reason, it should be among the duties of universities to support studies on rail systems, to develop this awareness and to train qualified people who will serve the system. Our university is taking important steps in this regard. First of all, Istanbul Transportation Inc. The "Rail Systems Certificate Program" we have carried out for our personnel is the first step of these works. Through this project, we are working hard to increase the competencies and competencies of personnel serving rail systems. Today we will inaugurate a first in Turkey and 'Rail Systems Student Club', the university is another important step taken by our students. I fully believe that our students will undertake important projects under the roof of this club. They do justice to the education they receive and reveal the difference in being Star as always. Our duty is to always support them and to witness the successful work of our students in return.

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