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Wow wow wow what are you?
Mayor of Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Asim Guzelbey participated in the program on Bloomberg TV and answered many questions from economy to trams. I don't understand much more than economy, I'm a student, but when I read the section of the trams, wow, what did you say?
The chairman was tinny and when we saw the buses we went and said we had a tram. If the service can change the name of the tin, this is a nice service. Previously filled with the canvas is the only difference is that the tram is called.
Then the president said the trams were a bit old. First of all, let's name the old one. It is the 78 model of the trams, so it is now 45. Pity, pity on those trams; his peers went to dumpers, dumped, he is still suffering.
After the new settings, the old owners from the Netherlands could not recognize the trams by saying that trams are better than the new models was the most pleasing part of me. According to this calculation, 3 - 5 Sahin took two settings to the right of the right and then take two settings Ferrari may sell to the president.
In the Netherlands, the head of the scraped head of a safe with a wheel of the trunk of the municipality of the municipality after the purchase of millions of trams I'm guessing what people say, but I do not understand what it was given to the money that the trams service.
Gaziantep University Faculty of Communication Department of Journalism 2. Classroom Student

Source: Mehmet Emin Öztürk - I

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