Paragliding Enjoyment at Van Abalı Ski Center

van buyuksehir abali is preparing a short ski resort
van buyuksehir abali is preparing a short ski resort

📩 28/11/2021 00:37

Citizens who came to Abalı Ski Center, one of the most important ski centers of the region, enjoyed watching paragliding on Mount Artos while skiing.

Located in the Abalı village of Van's Gevaş district, Abalı Ski Center continues to be flooded by ski lovers on weekends. The people of Van, who come to ski at the ski resort on the skirts of Mount Artos and overlooking Lake Van, have the chance to watch Suphan, Van Sea and the islands in the sea.

Ski lovers who took a chairlift to Artos Mountain at 2800 altitude at the weekend encountered the paragliding surprise gliding from the summit. Sibel Tırpancı, a teacher working at the Competition Primary School, enjoyed jumping in the snow this time with her professional paragliding.

In the summer it makes numerous jumps in various regions of Turkey Reaper, Abali ski that much scenery up a spectacular view of the Center expressed .On the way the weekend went skiing Abal Van Governor Munir Karaloğlu also, gliding from the summit Paragliding with your mobile phone and shared it with its followers on the social network.

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