Ünye Ring Road Studies

AK Party District President Av. Who is currently working on the Ünye Ring Road, which was started to be built in 2007. Ahmet Çamyar, the studies may end until October, he said.
AK Party Ünye County Organization, representatives from the highways and Fermanoğlu Construction officials, Unye Ring Road studies on site. Authorities received information about studies Av. Ahmet Çamyar, Unye Ring Road until the end of October 2013 announced that it could end.
Çamyar, who gave information about the works, said, Çevre We made an examination in Ünye Ring Road. We have seen that different studies are continuing in 10. Especially in the west side of the Yunus Emre Tunnel, the left tube 8-10 day after the light will be seen. Crossing from the other tube is already possible. Contracts related to electrification procedures related to interior design. Bayramca Tunnel is finished in this process. At present, serious work is taking place both in the industrial zone and in the eastern shade as well as in the existing tunnel. I think that the construction of the ring road, such as the feast of sacrifices, will be completed in October. Asphalting of the section by the west up to the mouth of the tunnel was completed last year. Currently there are drainage work in progress. Laying of pipes related to lighting and paving works continue. Aydınlatma

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