Disturbed Sleeper in Youth Train

Sleeper Disturbed in Youth Train: Youth Train ?? Explaining that they distinguish between boys and girls in the project, Youth and Sports Minister Suat Kılıç said, "Children spend the night on the train, because it is a sleeper train. I cannot provide security on a 200-person train with passage between compartments said.
Youth and Sports Minister Suat Kılıç answered the questions of the MPs at the General Assembly of the Turkish Grand National Assembly the previous day, and made interesting statements about the "gender discrimination practice" at youth camps, trains and activities. I answered around 20-30 written questions. There is a Youth Train, 200 young people can get on this train at the same time. The Efeler Train leaves Izmir and comes to Ankara by stopping at the national and spiritual places on the route. The children spend the night on the train, because it is a sleeper train. On a train where passage between compartments is possible and convenient, I cannot ensure its safety. It is not possible to have a security screening, to know and evaluate their socio-psychological status for young people participating in each youth camp. We talked to pedagogues, educators, and parents, and we determined focus groups. I don't think there is anything wrong here.
It is true that in youth camps, youth trains and so on, we have started to take girls and boys youth into camps separately. I will not deny a truth here. The number of young people participating in the camps with 10 thousand last year, we made a year in the move to the number of thousand thousand 200. 200 is the number one thousand thousand of 100 bin. We have a responsibility to their families. We have a duty and responsibility for the emotional and psychological development of our 200 thousand young people. As a minister, I don't have the responsibility to do the camps together with girls and boys. Families are extremely satisfied. On the contrary, families, the Credit and Hostels Institution Dormitories also have the demands of young people, girls and boys to continue their education, education and housing even in social areas.

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