Uludag New Cable Car Station

The 39 mast, which will carry the gondolas of the new ropeway with construction works, will be planted with a helicopter in order not to destroy the nature.

While the construction of the new ropeway started to be constructed in order to provide more modern and faster transportation to Uludağ, the contractor firm Leitner aims to complete the first part of the project, which extends to Sarıalan in July, and the whole project extending to the Hotel Zone in 29 October.

While the construction of the poles of the project, which will consist of the 3 line and 4 station, will be in progress, will continue to come in the form of electronic and mechanical materials.

30 TIR full of material so far, while in the middle of May will carry the gondolas of the cable car will be planted with a helicopter to destroy the total 39 direct nature.
184 Gondolas Coming From Italy

Leitner, one of the few companies in the world in the field of ropeway, aims to introduce the residents of the city to the modern cable car system until October 29. 9 will be the longest cable car line in the world with the 8'er personality 184 pieces gondola; planes are planned to arrive in June after sewing.
Building worthy of Bursa

In the meantime, the old ropeway building planned to be preserved by the museum, 50 meters to the south of the new Teferrüç Teleferik Station building, hardware and architecture, compatible with the immediate surroundings, is aimed to be a structure where people of Bursa will be proud.

Teferrüç station; The new ropeway line is designed as a building where visitors can easily reach cabins or exit from the station, taking into consideration the capacity of carrying thousands of passengers per hour.
Everything was thought in the building

The building, which consists of a ground floor and a floor, will prevent passengers from being affected by the weather conditions while crowded groups meet comfortably on the ground floor, and tolls and station entrances are planned in a closed entrance courtyard.

In addition, the ground floor, souvenir-selling shops and offices with the station management, waiting and seating area, wc, warehouse will include places such as.

In the waiting hall, the materials of the old ropeway line are planned to be exhibited.

Passengers who will reach the first floor by escalator and elevator will take the cable car from the platform. This floor will also have a café and terrace. The project, submitted for approval of the Board of Monuments, is expected to be approved in the coming days.
Bursalı Architect Is Drawing

The architecture of the cable car station buildings in various architecture offices in London, the architect Yamaç Korfalı draws.

Kofralı, whose individual productions were previously exhibited in institutes such as Venice and London Architecture Biennials and the Royal Academy of Arts, 'X. He was honored at the National Architecture Exhibition and Awards and received awards in England.

Master Architect Yamaç Korfalı, who also worked in the London Olympic Pool 'London Aquatics Center' project, where the swimming competitions of the Olympic Games held in London, are continuing feverish work for the new cable car project.

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