Description of the Izmir subway from the Ministry of Transport

Description of the Izmir subway from the Ministry of Transport
The Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications made a statement on the allegations that the increase in exploration in the İzmir subway stopped due to not being approved by the Council of Ministers for 7 months.
In a written statement made by the ministry, Üçyol-Üçkuyular subway construction must be made to explain about the occurrence of the statement, as alleged in the news of the government of the Istanbul metro, the discovery of the discovery of the approvals of Izmir, the approval of the claims were not correct. The two events are different from each other. Inde Istanbul metros have been transferred to the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications. This process, as claimed, is not 4 days, but 28 has been going on for months and is not yet finished. After the approval process in the Ministry of Development, the transfer will be realized. Kalkınma
It was emphasized that an increase in discovery up to 40 percent was requested in İzmir, and it was emphasized that the process of establishing the decision of the Council of Ministers regarding the issue reached the final stage and all the processes were carried out in coordination with the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. It was reminded that the transfer of the Üçyol - Üçkuyular subway line to the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, as in Ankara and Istanbul, but this request was not accepted by the municipality. In the statement, “Therefore, it is not right to compare Istanbul and Izmir. In the light of the above data, it is not possible for the government to adopt a different attitude towards İzmir, but on the contrary, an initiative has been taken to solve the metropolitan problem of İzmir. expressions were included.

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