TÜVASAŞ will produce its own domestic train series

TÜVASAŞ will produce its own domestic train series
Cemal Yaman, chairman of the railway branch of the trade union, gave the good news that TÜVASAŞ prepared a local project and said 'if we can buy 500, our backs will not come to the ground Demir
Cemal Yaman, the President of the Demiryol-İş Union, praised the new General Manager Erol İnan for the first time that he was brought into a railway by TÜVASAŞ. Inan said that will provide great contributions to the factory, k Everyone loves himself. His dialogue with us is also very good. He is fixing the shortcomings in place Eks.
Cemal Yaman, who gave the good news that the factory will produce its own domestic train series in the coming days, said: yerli A completely local project is being prepared. Details of the general manager and the ministry will share with the public soon. The factory is doing very well now. If the 500 man is taken, we won't come back. X
Turkey Wagon Industry Co. (TÜVASAŞ) was awarded by the Turkish Standards Institute (TSE). In the statement made by TSE, lendiril We are always with us in the vision we have installed with our new approaches, from the day when our institute started to serve, we have adopted the concept of sustainable quality. A commission has been established for this purpose and it has been decided to reward your organization as a result of the evaluations made. Yapılan

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