Leave or renew land train

Leave or renew land train
The TCDD draft law should cover the philosophy and basic steps of the structural change program in the country's railways.
'Turkey Liberalization of Railway Transport of the Draft Law on' (the Act), was submitted to Parliament in the first week of March, the commission discussed the report within fifteen days and went agenda.

I would like to summarize the basic provisions of the law, whose essence is the abolition of the monopoly of railway construction and management.

TCDD will remain as the infrastructure operator and TCDD Transportation Inc. will be established for business administration.

Once the law comes into force, private companies will also be able to enter into railway construction and management. TCDD will continue to manage the railway traffic on the railway infrastructure network as a monopoly. It is not very clear in the text, but there is also a sentence that I understand as the TCDD monopoly will do the work for the railway infrastructure for the high-speed train!

The transfer of the immovables to the TCDD, which serve the railway management and which are in accordance with the state's savings, which are approved by the Ministry of Finance and which have no legal and de facto obstacles, are summarized in a couple of articles.

It is envisaged that public service obligations of railway train operators will be stated in the contract to be made between the ministry and the operators.

The procedures and principles regarding the determination of the railway passenger transport lines to be supported within the scope of public service obligation and the train operator for public service will be determined by the council of ministers. The public service obligation will be fulfilled by TCDD Taşımacılık AŞ for five years.

The Draft Law contains articles that encourage employees to retire in TCDD organizations.

In the report of the commission where these principles are discussed, sözcüthey wrote 'dissenting commentary'. The opposition, the cause of percentage reduction of rail transport, "just as an injustice done to institutionalize incompetence of public officials in Turkey, the reduction of an organization depends on the public management system" is interpreted. The CHP reminded the complaints that the railway operations in EU countries are generally concentrated in the hands of a member country's company and emphasizes that the system envisaged in the draft is open to alienation in the sector.

I think that the opening of railway transportation to private sector will be perceived as different from the previous privatizations and the effects of the law will be deeper than the provisions of this different perception.

During the Republican period, railways were seen as the only vehicle of the mission of yapılan moving to all parts of the country ğı, so the railways, where the biggest investments were made, had taken the lead in the praise of hemen those who do Cumhuriyet.

For many years in art products, until 1960s, railway, stations and land trains have become the symbol of road and public.

Because of these memories and perception, the emotional aspects of TCDD opening to private will be more common than its monetary and technical results.
For this reason, TCDD management should ensure that railroads go 'every direction' instead of feeling 'losing the black train'. This is to explain the current state of railways, technical and quality status, service area and capability, cumbersome management structure, modern railway transportation to the public.

Apart from this perception side of the work, it is necessary to prepare the long-term program on principles and project basis and publish in different dimensions. On the railroad, if there are really serious breakthroughs, the effects of this breakthrough can be very deep. In recent years, railroad explanations revolve around high-speed train routes. Instead, the network and service areas intended for today's road network and 2023 should be explained by comparing them.

In the AK Party's 2023 vision, only X 10 thousand kilometer high speed train, 4 thousand kilometer classic railway N is written. Expansion of this, new form of management, new technologies, especially where the railroad should be written.

The draft law includes the first items necessary for the structural change of TCDD. However, such proposals should cover the philosophy and basic steps of a strategic plan.

Of course, the main parties do not participate, unfortunately, it is clear that the councils can not be expected to make such laws!


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    1. Freezing / restructuring in the railways / opening process to private sector remained on paper. We hope that the application starts in 2016. We will carry freight and passenger transportation in private sector and our railway (DETAŞ) will compete in the same business. In this different configuration, innovations and improvements are made and the customer benefits from it. Now, what can be done in terms of reform? Let's see how this can be done. To increase the share of the market - increase the speed and height of the train trains - increase the pressure on the vehicle and the road. Ways to make at least 100 km / h make the speed-spread signalisation- make the major lines double-way-increase the number of arrays-complete wagon-load wagon speeds up to 120 / 160 km. Staff training, working conditions , To be motivated by majoring on ,,, to induce the expulsion or forced to retire to ,, to put politics into the institution managers tain edilmeli.k