Turkey's logistics infrastructure is insufficient

The World Bank announced that the year 2012 'Logistics Performance Index' in Aşut related explanation, according to the latest indicators, bypassing Turkey's 7 places compared to last year drew attention rises to 27 as well. 2010 in 39, 2011 in 34, 2012 in 27, as Turkey's rise, pointing out that the first 10 of the target in logistics Aşut, stressed that the infrastructure is inadequate to achieve this.
President Şerafettin Aşut said, “Having too many logistics companies, having strategic importance, owning your port or owning thousands of trucks is not enough to make you a logistics center. Logistics is the planning and calculation of all this. You cannot do logistics or make money from the logistics you do without rational planning. kazanyou can't. This inefficient logistics reflects negatively on costs and does not bring benefits in competition. The place where all this efficiency will be achieved is the logistics centers.” used the phrase.
Referring to the importance of establishing the logistics center in the efficient region, Asut noted:
"Mersin in Turkey after Istanbul made the biggest trade center of the planned realization of Logistics Specialized OSB models still are in contradiction with the goal of entering the top 10 in Turkey's logistics. With which logistic infrastructure will we carry the burden of 500 billion dollars of exports? With which planning will we create added value? "

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