TÜDEMSAŞ to the defense industry kazanshould be called

TÜDEMSAŞ to the defense industry kazanshould be called
Many years ago, the activities initiated to operate in the field of Defense Industry TÜDEMSAŞ UDEM HAK-SEN Vice President Abdullah Peker on the issue with the explanation brought to the agenda again.

Turkey's share of large defense industry Peker attention to separating a country "in our province found and heavy industry in TÜDEMSAŞ Headquarters in a position to do a lot of work in the defense industry, technical personnel and counters are available. Here will be given jobs in the economy, we believe that both the Sivas, Turkey provides an important benefit to the economy. As long as the Minister of Defense is Sivasli, we would like to make a business connection between TÜDEMSAŞ and the Ministry of Defense in a short time.
Tüdemsaş is the most important institution in terms of both employment and activity.
Our company is an enterprise with extremely high technical machines in order to make Tank, Ball and even Weapon.
2012 According to the year of the budget allocated to the Ministry of Defense 2013 in the year 16 increased by more than a percent of this indicator is a sensitive country in our country does not show how sensitive.
As a result, if the defense industry is given to the General Directorate of Tudemsas, our country and Sivas will come to a different position,

For years, hidden forces have prevented the production of tools and equipment to be used in the defense of our country. this situation has caused our country to remain dependent on foreign countries for years. bu

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