We carry passengers either by high-speed train or on our back

We carry passengers either by high-speed train or on our back
Yesterday, we were together with Minister of Transport Binali Yıldırım and “General Director of State Railways” Süleyman Karaman almost “all day long”… First of all, we attended the opening ceremony at the Istanbul Fair Center…
Yesterday at İFM; There was “Eurasia Rail-3 Railway Light Rail Systems Infrastructure and Logistics Fair”… Binali Yıldırım, who opened the fair with “European guests”; Turkey in the last 10 years, "railroad" of the "25 billion pounds of investment" that makes this figure up to 2023 "45 billion pounds," he said, or will reach. While saying this; A "send" was also found. He said; “The sector, whose name was written, composed and sung for the 10th Anniversary, has become unnamed in the following years…
Railways to reintroduce the AK Party, Turkey's agenda was bestowed with the Government. " Minister Bey is right… Indeed; “We came out with open forehead from every war in ten years, in ten years we created fifteen million young people of all ages; Chief Commander counted by the whole world; We knit with iron nets.
N He started “10. While reading the year's anthem, especially the ına 28 February Process ”tears, drowning tears, trembling taife; They did not think that they had left the iler railroads let and im the country bir in the ık tenth year “and could not advance even one inch. The interesting thing is; It was none other than Nuri Demirağ, who did what he called da a duck with iron nets ük, but they did not claim him.
Transport Minister Binali Yıldırım and TCDD General Manager Süleyman Karaman did not content themselves with putting a "forgotten" sector back on the agenda of the country, but also set a "target" for the coming years. What are those goals? Binali Bey says; “To increase the high-speed train network to 2023 thousand kilometers in 10… To add another 4 thousand kilometers to the existing train network… To increase the total railway network from 11 thousand kilometers to 25 thousand 500…
This means an increase of more than 100. We will connect 15 with a high-speed train. In the 2009 Turkey we have introduced high-speed train. We will open the Marmaray which we call the project of the century. Ankara-Istanbul 3 clock will go below the speed train.
Mr. Binali Yıldırım, while explaining the "target" on the one hand, is also referring to a burning one. The address of this sending “send” is the European Union… Binali Bey said; "Turkey can join the EU but has no takers in 20 high-speed trains, it has in Turkey. The important thing is to have the infrastructure in the EU…
We invest in the welfare of our people. EU, sooner or later will realize that it is an indispensable strategic partner for Turkey's unity. He'il realize it. Turkey will not be a burden, to share the burden of the union will be an honorable partner. We will continue on our way. The EU is important but not a must. We will provide more citizens to the citizens of the EU. Then there will be no difference between being a member or not.
If our nation makes that choice, we will enter, if not, we will continue on our way. ” When Binali Bey made a "reference" to the CHP on the one hand and to the EU on the other, a colleague said: “Minister Bey, since he always refers; I think he likes to send it. ” I said; "This is the job! .. The job of the Minister of Transport; is it not to send people from place to place? .. He is doing his job too! .. He is sending! ” We laughed ...
Railways, the future is the shining sector, East and West between the volume of transportation is 75 billion dollars and that such a large market stating that Lightning, '' is the way to the future of the railway.
That's why it is necessary to invest, '' he said, and while summarizing what has been done so far; He stated that they have completely renewed the network over 7 thousand kilometers domestically, the East-West, North-South connections have been strengthened, and the Marmaray Project, which connects Europe and Asia from 60 meters from the sea, has come to an end and said: “The level crossings have been made safe…
We support municipalities in rail systems in Istanbul, Izmir and Ankara… As a result of all these investments, while the railways are not read, today we are opening an exhibition with 800 international participants… Our 127 domestic companies are here, saying, “We are also there”.
Turkey rail can not do that, we came to a point where ecosystems that make up the rail infrastructure and superstructure today. Because we know that the railroads are as important as the independence of our country, the indispensable for the development of our people. Çünkü
Is the speech like this? Well, there is no "question" in the heads? .. Of course there is ... For example, a question like: "The state makes the highways but open to the private sector ... The airports make the state but open to the private sector ... Will rail transport be opened to the private sector?" "Here is the response of Minister Bey:" State Railways are now open to private companies.
Until now, railways have been used only by the State Railways for passenger and freight transport. Just like in airports and highways, everyone can now use the infrastructure. Railways will continue to operate… In addition to the State Railways, those who want to transport cargo and passengers on certain routes will also be able to operate within the framework of the permissions granted by the General Directorate of Railway Regulation ...
For example, it will carry transportation from Kayseri to Samsun, transport mine or other products from Sivas to Samsun, State Railways can do this transportation right now ... Nobody else can ...
How about the land roads? We do the road, everybody makes transportation. This will be the same. They will provide their train, wagon, and locomotive by giving the necessary fee and will carry out their transportation.
It's the same on the airline. We build the airport, but everyone can use it in a certain order. This is called liberation. ” Minister Bey; He said on the allegations that “a lot of trees will be cut during the construction of the Third Bridge”; “Let's not create question marks in big projects with aphakia speeches…
3. Bridge and Northern Marmara Motorway, and is vital for Turkey in Istanbul ... every precaution has been taken to protect the environment in the project and it has been shown in practice extreme caution. There is no such thing as “There is no road to the forest”… It is the most logical way to cut a certain number of trees to save the forest. Besides, more and more of the trees to be cut will be planted. There is no need to worry about this, any precautions will be taken. ”
Well, now that the questions have been answered, we can now have a “meal”… We will both “eat” with the Minister and his staff, and “sohbet”We will… Mr. Binali Yıldırım and TCDD General Manager Süleyman Karaman are the hosts and we, the newspaper managers, are their guests.
We sat at Fener Restaurant in Yeşilköy… We ate “fish” on the one hand and talked about “every issue on the agenda” on the other hand… For example, when I asked about “HGS disruptions”, he immediately telephoned “interested” and said to me; "There is no error in pricing ... But there may be incompatibilities on the screens at the toll booths, it will be resolved very soon ..." He said more: "OGG systems on highways and bridges will be converted to HGS systems ... Free HGS will be given instead of OGS and handed over to the citizen's home."
What is the tal third airport ın job? .. Here is Binali Bey's response: Bey Tender date 3 May but the companies have an additional time request. So far, the local foreign 16 company received the file. 3 solid offer is enough for us. Since it is a build-operate-transfer project, everyone will make their own account.
Operation period will be fixed for 25 years. We will race the rent. The project has 3-4 stages. The first stage will appeal to 90 million passengers and it will cost about 6 billion Euros according to our account. This amount exceeds 7 billion Euros with other accounts. The second and third and following stages will be held in the operating period, according to the increase in the number of passengers. We undertake to pay a price of 340 million passengers for outgoing and transit passengers within 12 years. However, this support will not be needed in the first few years before 12 years.
Last question: "When will the high-speed train between Istanbul and Ankara end?" Binali Bey looked at the face of TCDD General Manager Süleyman Karaman and said a little laugh; “The high-speed train between Istanbul and Ankara will be put into service at the end of 2013…
If we do not finish by the end of the year, we may have to carry people on our backs. Es Aside from the humor of the work, Binali Bey and his team have brought a lot to this country.

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