Bomb panic at tram stop

Bomb panic at tram stop
Motorcycle cart, which was left on the tram route in Istanbul, stopped the tram service on the suspicion of a bomb. Passengers had to walk between two stops, until the bomb specialist teams arrived.
After the motorcycle basket was noticed at the Pazartekke stop in Topkapı, police teams were alerted. The first police in the region, the suspect suspects the possibility of bombs in the team decided to call a specialist. After being informed of the bomb disposal expert, tram lines on the line with the suspicious package were stopped. Passengers arriving at Pazartekke and Çapa stations had to get off the tram. The traffic on both sides of Millet Avenue was cut and the vehicle traffic was cut and a possible explosion was prevented. The zone was closed with a security strip.
With the arrival of the bomb disposal expert, the detonator was prepared to explode the suspicious package. The specialist officer wearing his special outfit placed the fuse under the motorcycle cart and walked away. After a while, with the sign of the bomb expert who saw the suspicious basket exploded with a big noise, everyone took a sigh of relief. Motorcycle cart empty. After the bomb expert examined the exploding basket, the tram and vehicle traffic returned to normal.
Passengers who had to walk because of the inconvenient tram services, the announcement made on the vehicles and they had to walk between the two stops were expressed.

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