Trains Carried 25,7 Million Tons Last Year

Trains Carried 25,7 Million Tons Last Year
TCDD trains carried 2012 million tons in 25,7 and TCDD generated 617,8 million pounds.
The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD), which trains started moving 25,7 million tonnes of cargo last year, TCDD has achieved 617,8 million pounds of revenue from freight transport.
The majority of freight transport in Turkey is done by road. TCDD, on the other hand, receives a share of around 5. TCDD, which continues to work on increasing the share of rail transport, carry more cargo, efficient use of existing locomotives and wagons, increase the transport speed, decrease the amount of personnel needed, decrease the locomotive and wagon rotation, increase the quality of cargo transportation, reduce maneuvering costs, customer In order to increase its satisfaction, 2004 has started the block train operation from the beginning of the year. In this context, 158 pieces of domestic and 33 pieces of internationally operated 191 pieces block freight train are operated per day.
With this application, the amount of freight transported was increased, resources were used more effectively, transportation times were shortened, transportation costs decreased and customer satisfaction increased.
TCDD's block trains carried 25,7 million tons of cargo last year, while TCDD generated 617,8 million liras. The payload of TCDD was 1 and 15,4 increased compared to the previous year. The amount of freight transport of TCDD is 10 and 61 increase in 289 and XNUMX.
2,1 million tons of cargo carried last year was composed of international transports. In 2012, bulk cargo shipments such as iron ore, coal, chrome, magnesite, boracite, gypsum, clinker, sand, 40 of total transportation, while container transport allowing for combined transportation has increased significantly and 33 It reached.
- International transports-
TCDD operates international block freight trains to European countries, Central Asian Turkish Republics and Middle East countries within the framework of agreements made with different countries in order to increase the volume of foreign trade and to increase the share of railway transportation within the transportation sector in addition to the placing of domestic block trains on the expedition.
In this sense, Germany, Hungary, Austria, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovenia, Poland, Czech Republic; to the east, Iran, Syria and Iraq; In Central Asia, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan and Pakistan, which operate the block trains TCDD'in last year carried 2,1 million tons of international transports formed. 2003 is increased in international transports compared to 23 year.
- Production centers are connected to the rail network -
TCDD has continued its efforts to increase the share and revenue of the transportation companies and to reduce the transportation costs of the forwarding companies, as well as to make connections with the transmission line to places with high potential to contribute positively to the macro-economic equilibrium. In the 2003, 286 has reached the number of 2012 units by 337 in the 55 as a result of all the centers carrying large volumes, large industrial enterprises, ports and wharfs, and TCDD and the private sector. XNUMX of transport was done from the contour lines.
Container transportation, which aims to eliminate competition and lift cooperation between other modes of transport, has become the most important mode of transportation in the transportation sector. In this context, container transport by 2003 thousand tons / year in 658 increased by 2012 to 13 million tons / year in 8,3.
TCDD also encourages other people to carry cargo with their wagons and to rent wagons. In this context, 52 3 bin 157 units are transported by their own wagon. In this context, 2012 million tons of cargo were moved by 6 wagons. 2003 6,6 2012 23,6 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX

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