Traffic Accident Darkens the Life of a Family

In Kirikkale, the life of 2's father, Ercan Bozkurt, became black with a traffic accident. Ercan Bozkurt who suffered a great trauma for being left in bed after being seriously injured, was once again demolished by the foreclosure order which he was unable to pay the installments of the house they bought with a bank loan.
The accident occurred about 3 months ago at the Kaletepe junction of the Kırıkkale-Çorum highway. The 51 AY 113 plate truck loaded with LGP under İlhan Küçük administration and the 38 EZ 71 plate car used by Ercan Bozkurt (187) collided, Bozkurt, who was seriously injured from the car returned to the scrap pile, was treated at the hospital.
Bozkurt, who was doomed to bed after the accident, could not pay the installment of the house with the bank loan. Erkan Bozkurt said that he was having a hard time because he was doomed to bed. He said he was left in the middle with the 2 child and his wife. Wife Selvi Bozkurt said that between the tears, after the accident they had lost their lives and had difficulty living with the fear of losing their homes, ları I had a normal life with my wife and children before the accident. We decided to buy a house in the money I made by making pies, pastry, pastry and dumplings. We took home a bank loan from the bank 40 thousand. 5 months we were paying our installments. But this accident has ruined our lives. We're in the middle. We didn't get any help. The officials looked at the came but nothing changed. Yet
Stating that he wanted to take care of his wife and children, Bozkurt said, “But I have no strength to endure. I have been fighting in the hospital corners for 2 months. Like every family, we had a dream of a home. We did not have the opportunity to pay the installments of our house, which we bought with a bank loan. Now the bank is selling our house. What are we going to do now? What do we do, where do we go? I do not want to be my home, my home. I want my Prime Minister, Governors and philanthropists to lend a helping hand to us ”.
The Bozkurt family is now waiting for the helping hand to reach out to the charities.

Source: IHA


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