Traffic Safety Platform Established

Aiming to reduce road deaths by 2020 percent by 50, the Ministry of Internal Affairs signed a new project and established the 'Traffic Safety Platform' with wide social participation.
The Traffic Safety Platform, established within the scope of the Road Traffic Safety Strategy and Action Plan, includes representatives of the business world, media and non-governmental organizations. Through this platform, activities to raise awareness in the field of traffic safety will be carried out throughout the country.
The opening of the platform will take place on April 3, 2013 in Ankara under the auspices of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Making a statement on the subject, Minister of Internal Affairs Muammer Güler drew attention to the fact that accidents and losses are increasing day by day due to the increasing transportation density in parallel with the population and the number of vehicles.
This table last year in the regional and the direction of becoming a global power stable development trend showed itself as one of the obstacles to Turkey that captures that describing Guler, the mobilization of qualifications across the country to reduce traffic accidents stressed the need to conduct a study. Güler stated that the National Assembly, public bureaucracy, non-governmental organizations, business world and media, as well as institutions and individuals from all segments of society, had a duty in this study and said that the Traffic Safety Platform was established with a wide social participation.
Minister Guler, the United Nations and the World Health Organization, including international actors, including the public awareness of the traffic safety, public policy by determining the role of decision-makers and practitioners will take an active role in the process of reducing traffic accidents and losses will contribute significantly to reduce the underlined.

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