Railway gospel of Trabzona

Speaking at the painting exhibition of Kemal Demirel, the 41-year-old politician who brought the train to Bursa and served as a deputy from Bursa, TCDD General Manager Süleyman Karaman gave the good news of the railway to Trabzon. He gave a humorous answer, "There is no walking to Trabzon right now." Volkan Canalioğlu said, “Our biggest desire in Trabzon is to see the railroad. The project of the Erzincan, Rize, Trabzon, Giresun railway line continues. We follow it closely, too. Mr. General Manager and Mr. Minister are doing studies ”.
Doğu We have the east-west axis, from Istanbul to Kars. There is a Kars-Tbilisi line that we do together with the 2023 country. And Georgia, both between Turkey and Azerbaijan made a mistake. We are developing the line to connect that line to Istanbul and then to Europe, and we started to make projects to connect Trabzon to that line. 3 is in Trabzon. I hope it is a bit difficult to do, ır he said.

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