Trabzon Municipality Opens Asphalt Season

Trabzon Municipality opened the asphalt season of 2013 year. In the last 4 year, Trabzon Municipality has set a record-breaking record in asphalting.
In the year of 2012, Trabzon Municipality, which has the most modern and largest asphalt plant in the region with 240 tons of asphalt production, aims to complete the asphalting of all the neighborhood roads in the city which have been deteriorated due to the excavations.
Trabzon Municipality The first asphalt of 2013 was made by asphalting the front of the Konak Street in the neighborhood of Boztepe and the front of the mosque in the Pazar doors district.
2012 thousand asphalt production in the year 124 with a record of a significant success with the signing of the Municipality of Trabzon this year, breaking a new record in asphalt 150 thousand tons of asphalt production plans to perform.
Mayor of Trabzon Orhan Fevzi Gümrükçüoğlu noted that they increased the quality and quantity of asphalt with the new asphalt plant and new construction equipment they brought to the municipality. Mayor Gümrükçüoğlu noted that they completed the asphalting works in 2012 on Monday, December 31, “As we know, we have brought modern asphalt plant to our municipality, which can produce 240 tons of asphalt per hour. In addition, we added 123 new vehicles and construction equipment to our machine park. In order to provide better quality and faster asphalt in these vehicles, we have put into service the asphalt gnawing machine, which ends the laying of asphalt on asphalt by scraping the old asphalt with a rubber wheel roller. In 2012, we built 124 thousand tons of asphalt road. In 2013, our target is 150 thousand tons. We aim to finish asphalting all the roads needed in the city within this year. ”

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