Tire Rope Breaks Tons of Weight Pipes Divided to the Road

In Sakarya's Sapanca district, the natural gas pipes that were accommodated by tons of natural gas pipes on the TIR were distributed on the road.
The incident occurred at the Izmit Avenue, TEM Highway Sapanca junction. 47 AD 020 plate truck, which is under the direction of Abdul Halim Eroğlu, which takes the natural gas pipes it bought from Gebze customs, to Kocaeli, left Sapanca TEM toll booths when it missed TEM Kocaeli exit. Turning at the crossroads in front of the toll booths, TIR, who wanted to enter the TEM again, broke the rope holding the natural gas pipes while maneuvering. As a result of the breaking, tons of pipes were scattered on the road. The road closed after the incident was opened as a result of half an hour work of Sapanca Police Department and Highway Teams. Sapanca - Kocaeli highway was closed for a while during the works. The empty road when the pipes fell, prevented a possible disaster.

Source: IHA


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