Thessaloniki Metro Becomes Archaeological Excavation Site

selanik metro
selanik metro

Thessaloniki metro has also turned into an archaeological excavation site. The historical wealth discovered underground during the excavation of the Istanbul metro adds an archaeological dimension to the construction work. kazanhad gone.

Istanbul is not alone.

The unique ruins that were discovered during the excavations made for the Thessaloniki metro created great excitement by being called "Byzantine Pompei" in academic circles. However, not everyone in Thessaloniki shares the same excitement.

In the second big city of the country, which has gone through a deep economic crisis, the sides have cut the sides.
The group, which finances the construction of the Metro, is pushing the remains to be removed from the site of the excavation in the coming weeks to continue construction.

From the 4th century

Archaeologists, on the other hand, describe the ruins they encounter 6 meters below the ground as "impressive if they see it in their dreams".

It was seen that it was a commercial center in the antique period in the location that fell just below the commercial center of modern Thessaloniki.

Remains of shops, workshops and public spaces lined up on both sides of a well-preserved marble paved road dating from the 4th century.

Thessaloniki's municipal authorities and archaeologists say the development of a new project where the subway station is combined with an underground museum.

There is no doubt that such a museum will attract a large number of tourists, but engineers, museums and stations in Attic Metro SA, the subway construction agency, insist that it is not possible.

Museum or subway?

The company said that if the ruins are turned into a museum, it will be necessary to give up the central metro station, and the company may endanger the metro project, which cost a total of 3 and a half billion euros.

Thessaloniki, which is among the financial supporters of the European Union, has a special importance as one of the rare public investments of the Greek economy in the bottleneck.

Archaeologists say the relocation of the remains of the discovered city would mean a major betrayal of history.

Workers in protest

However, an official from the Greek government asked the archaeologists to be more understanding and to approve the transfer of the remains.

The 450 construction master, who was fired because the project was suspended, has been protesting this week by protesting to find an immediate solution to the problem.

In the balances between the subway construction and the cultural heritage, reaching a solution that would please everyone seems to be quite difficult for now.

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