Eastern Ring Road Project to be Expropriated

Chamber of Architects Samsun Branch President Selami Ozcelik, which is planned to be completed within this year, the Samsun Katlı Yol Project will not solve the traffic problem at the place in question, he argued. Ozcelik said, an The eastern ring road planned in 1980 will have to be done in absolute terms. However, it should be remembered that there will be expropriation problems on the project route. Ancak
Selami Ozcelik, said in a statement on the subject, continuing the construction of the highway and Samsun-Ordu highway construction continues to solve the traffic problem at the site in question, he said. Highways 7. According to the data of the Regional Directorate of the 55 thousand 890 vehicle crossing a day on the route in the coming period will extend to the airport until the eastern ring road will be done in the absolute Özçelik, Samsun Katli Road Project claimed that the murder of Canik district.
Selami Özçelik, the Branch President of the Chamber of Architects, stated that they had filed a lawsuit with the Regional Administrative Court for the cancellation of the project. Along with the road project, the eastern ring road planned in 1980 will be made in the coming period. However, Tekkeköy Municipality has the right to build on the lands that can be located on the eastern ring road route in Kutlukent and Kirazlık. It should not be forgotten that this will also expose the problem of expropriation. Bu
In the 1980 project, Özçelik, the Branch President of the Chamber of Architects, who suggested that the eastern ring road was the only project not to be worked on between the Black Sea coastal road projects, said: Tunneling is more cost-effective than building a high-rise road with today's construction technology. The Samsun-Ordu highway located on the coastal part of the Samsun-based road project is built into the swamp. Even in the stakes of the story road construction was distressed and lengthened. The road in question will be in view of a floating road. It is not known what kind of reflex will show in the earthquake. Dep

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