The Gendarmerie Teacher Found an American Teacher Lost in Kartalkayada

Turkey, one of the most important ski centers in Bol, which is the biology teacher in lost Darüşşafaka High School while skiing in Kartalkaya American William Crombie after 17 minutes after White lost US came to ski bulundu.bolu by the Gendarmerie Search and Rescue Team William Crombie White (42) disappeared around 17.00:17.37 yesterday evening. Upon reporting that the vacationer has disappeared, the Gendarmerie Search and Rescue Team (JAK) was prepared and started to search. The JAK team found William Crombie White at the forest area at Kındıra Plateau, about 14 kilometers away from the tracks at XNUMX. The teams offered tea to William Crombie White, who was cold due to the cold. The unfortunate vacationer was delivered safely to the hotel.

Source: CAIRO



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