TCDD establishes company for international projects

TCDD establishes company for international projects
TCDD General Manager Süleyman Karaman stated that the railways will be opened to the world and they decided to establish a Railway Project and Consultancy Company in order to undertake consultancy and project works in developing countries.

Karaman, Konya-Eskişehir line was found.

Karaman, who came to Eskişehir from Ankara with YHT, visited the Governor of Eskişehir Kadir Koçdemir. Karaman, recalling that recently opened by the Eskişehir-Konya line, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, "This line is very important to us because it constitutes Turkey's first YHT ring," he said.

After the opening of the line between the two cities with the 5 YTR 35 liras to start the campaign that reminds them to start a reminder Karaman, after the end of the campaign will be sold to the XNUMX lyric said.

Karaman, as well as Konya-Eskişehir between the 550 pounds for the establishment of the corporate line, stating that, thanks to this card can be traveled between two cities 9-10 liraya said.

Stating that Eskişehir is very important for the railways, Karaman said, “The next target is Eskişehir-İstanbul line. Hopefully, we will connect Istanbul to Eskişehir on October 29. Istanbul-Eskişehir-Ankara-Konya line will be established, and then Bursa and Sivas lines will be added. 15 provinces will be interconnected by YHT. Thus, half of Turkey's population will be connected to each other by YHT "he said.

Eskişehir Governor Koçdemir also stated that the opening of Eskişehir-Konya line has important benefits for Eskişehir, first of all, the timing is very good and Eskişehir was chosen as the Cultural Capital of the Turkic World this year.

Expressing that the line makes Eskişehir close to everywhere in a sense, Koçdemir said that it is extremely pleasing that all tickets are sold on the line in question.

Expressing that YHT has made a great contribution to the promotion of Eskişehir, Koçdemir said that they have serious contributions to Eskişehir's tourism and economy.

Expressing that the students studying in Ankara do not rent a house anymore, they go back and forth with YHT, Koçdemir said, "That's why we call Eskişehir is closer to Ankara than Eryaman".

Koçdemir thanked Karaman for his work.

Later, Karaman, who visited Odunpazarı, one of the historical centers of Eskişehir, and his accompanying people went to Konya with YHT.

Karaman, told reporters in the train, Eskişehir-Konya YHT line is added to the existing lines with the addition of a section of the 10 km.

This line is actually the Konya, Eskisehir and Istanbul line and stressed that the lines of the YHT is the backbone of Karaman, therefore, said the line has a separate importance.

When they took office, the railways struggled with very different problems and even expressed their thoughts on the closure of Karaman said that the government started to work intensively after the decision on the improvement of the railways.

Stating that the railways were neglected in the period between 1950 and 2002, and this period was called a stagnation period, Karaman noted that after 2002, it became the same with all transportation modes.

Now every year, the construction of the 135 mile railway, which explains the Karaman, the ongoing 3 thousand 700 kilometers are included in the lines of the railway length per year found the 200 kilometers, he said.

"Railway is freedom," Karaman said, adding that passengers can travel comfortably on trains.

As a result of the studies, both passenger and cargo transport have achieved significant increases in the Karaman, but the two figures can not achieve the desired level, he said.

- "150-year-old lines have been renewed" -

TCDD General Manager Karaman, in addition to the new line construction, 7 thousand kilometer old lines have been renewed, in this context 150 the first railway line not renewed for years Izmir-Aydin line was renewed.

Stating that they have made an investment of 2004 billion lira in railways since 12, Karaman said, "Our goal is to make another 2023 billion dollars investment by 45".

Karaman stated that they currently aim to increase the share of railways from 2,5 percent in passenger and 5 percent in freight to 2023 percent in passenger and 10 percent in freight in 15.

-Istanbul-Ankara line-

Istanbul-Ankara YHT line after the opening of travel time between the two cities will be an average of 3 hours with all modes of transportation voicing Karaman, but said it would be more advantageous to travel with trains.

Progress in the period between Ankara and Istanbul, 10-15 minute intervals they aim to organize, even this 50 thousand passengers a day recording that the recording of Karaman, Istanbul-Ankara ticket prices cheaper than air tickets, but may be a little expensive than highway, he said.

Karaman reminded that they will start commercial transportation on 29 October on the line in question, Karaman said, “We finished 95 percent of the infrastructure works and 45 percent of the superstructure. "We are planning to start trial runs in July-August."

Expressing that the law for the liberalization of railways is about to come out, Karaman stated that 5 years after the law came into force, TCDD is aimed to become a profit making organization.

Expressing that they anticipate that the private sector will enter the cargo transportation business after liberalization, Karaman said that they think that the private sector will also enter the passenger transportation business after the ongoing lines are completed in 2018.

All these studies as well as giving importance to education in training Karaman, vocational high schools and schools for this purpose opened, and a university in the railway engineering department said that established.

Germany, Japan and Karaman said that they sent engineers to receive training in China, these engineers After returning to Turkey, he said the first years of the republic as the country will continue to weave iron mesh.

Expressing that they also developed a domestic signaling system with TÜBİTAK, Karaman stated that they will make a signaling of $ 2023 billion by 10. Karaman said that work is also ongoing for domestic train production.

2020 prediction of 1 trillion dollars of investment in the world that expresses Karaman, Turkey also pointed out the need to take their share.

Karaman announced that they decided to establish a Railway Project and Consultancy Company to undertake consultancy and project works in developing countries and submitted it to the approval of the Ministry of Development.

With passengers on the train sohbet Karaman asked the passengers about their views on the Eskişehir-Konya line. Expressing their satisfaction for the opening of the line, Abdullah Karapınar said, “We became neighbors with Mevlana. Thank you ”he said. On the other hand, passengers demanded from Karaman to increase the number of flights.

Süleyman Karaman, who also visited the Governorship in Konya, later visited the Mevlana Mausoleum with the Governor Aydın Doğan.

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