TCDD Transportation Inc. kuruluyor

TCDD Transportation Inc. kuruluyor
Transport Joint Stock Company of the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD Transport Inc.) bill providing for the establishment, was submitted to Parliament to.
Turkey Liberalization Law on Railway Transport of TCDD Restructuring as railway infrastructure operator, not made any changes to the existing legal status. The units related to the railway company TCDD separated Republic of Turkey State Railways Transport Joint Stock Company (TCDD Transport Inc.) is established.
The TCDD will act as a railway infrastructure operator on the part of the national railway infrastructure network, which is transferred to the state-owned railway infrastructure.
TCDD; The necessary allowance will be foreseen by the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications for its railway infrastructure investments for high-speed and high-speed train transportation, its investments in converting the lines into double or multiple lines and in the renewal and improvement of the railway infrastructure.
If connection line construction is requested; The immovables required by the connection line to be made will be expropriated by TCDD by collecting the expropriation price from the claimant, and the right of easement will be established free of charge in favor of the claimant for not exceeding 49 years. At the end of their useful life, all assets built on these immovables will be deemed to be the property of TCDD without any further processing. No compensation or compensation will be paid by TCDD for these assets.
In case companies want to build a railway infrastructure; The expropriation value required by the railway infrastructure will be expropriated from the related company and expropriated by the Ministry.
According to the draft, employees in TCDD will be paid extra retirement bonus if they retire.

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