Sultans of Ankara Metro

Sultans of Ankara Metro
While there are women working in various units of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, four female trainers working in Ankara Metro are known as the 'Sultans of the Rails'.
Ankara Metropolitan Municipality provides women employees, who work in many units, the opportunity to work even in the most challenging tasks. According to the information obtained from Ankara Metropolitan Municipality officials, 4 female employees use the train in the Ankara Metro, while a female employee works as a driver in the buses belonging to EGO.
In Ankara Metro, which is burdened by the public transportation network in the capital, female trainers sitting in the driver's seat on different dates are described by passengers as "Sultans of the Rails". Four female vatmans state that they will leave their favorite jobs only when they retire.
For the first time in the Ankara Metro, female trainers, who lived as a driver 7 years ago, carry the residents of Ankara from one end to the other with their male colleagues every day. Passengers who work in difficult shifts starting at 6 in the morning and ending at 23 in the night also got used to the passengers. Nihal Öcalan and Huriye Özçelik have been on the rails for 7 years, and Sıdıka Türkoğlu for 5 years. Melike Küçükbıçakçı, who joined the 'Sultans of the Rails' two years ago, is reported to be expecting a baby. Küçükbıçakçı is counting the days to get both his child and the rails.
10-year-old Nihal Öcalan, who decided to become a veteran 8 years ago while working as a female employee at the Ankara Metro and successfully sat in the train seat after 36 months of tough training, completed her 7th year as a train driver. they lived. But this has disappeared in time, ”says Nihal Öcalan, saying that she has 6 years to retirement and that she wants to complete this period in her beloved train driver.
Along with Nihal Öcalan, 42-year-old Huriye Özçelik, one of the first female attendants of the Ankara Metro, also underlines that she loves her job and we could not understand how 7 years passed. I have 8 more years to retire, and if God permits, I want to complete my remaining career in train driving, ”he explains. Özçelik, who stated that he had worked as a box office worker in the Ankara Metro before, but later decided to become a train driver, cannot forget the support of his wife in this process.
The third of the 'Sultans of the Rails' is Sıdıka Türkoğlu, 38 years old. Turcoglu, who is in her 5th year as a train driver, started to work as a box office officer at the Ankara Metro and later decided to become a citizen. Explaining that train driver is not a profession that every woman can do, but she is successful with her courage and love to work, Türkoğlu is pleased with the interest of women. Especially the ladies wait after the expedition and congratulate me by saying 'You took away the job of the men' ”, Türkoğlu says.
Hamiyet Arslan, 45, who is the only female municipal bus driver in Ankara, is entering his 6th year as a bus driver, which is defined as a "man's job" in the society. Arslan, who became a bus driver by taking the exams opened by EGO, tells the interesting story of his career as follows: “In 1987-88, my wife was driving a truck, and I went on a long journey with my wife so that she would not sleep at the wheel and a job would happen. I got a driver's license for this purpose. Before that, I had a driving background that started with a tractor, that's how I became a bus driver and now I love my job. "
Hamiyet Arslan, who first served on the Batıkent-Metro, Serhat Sites-Metro ring lines in Macunköy 2nd Region after passing the bus driver exams opened by EGO, is now steering the Keçiören-Ulus-Kızılay line. Hamiyet Arslan, who is married with three children and a grandchild at the age of two, praises his colleagues who are all male in EGO, saying 'They are all like diamonds'.

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