Konyaray Konyalıya revam instead of subway?

Konyaray Konyalıya revam instead of subway
Nationalist Movement Party President of Konya Province Att. Tarık Taşcı niyet We are going to do the Metro, the mentality is now Konyaray this promise has given up. In order to prevent the reactions from Konyaray, they started a campaign in order to get the color. We demand the fulfillment of the promise given to Konya. Demand is the construction of the Metro. Metro He said.
Responding to those who gave up the promise of making the Metro MHP Konya Provincial President Av. Tarik Tasci, in his written description, gave the following words. Konya Metropolitan Municipality and three central district municipalities signed two important agreements at the beginning of last week. Briefly, I would like to touch on these and to draw attention to our demands on behalf of our members of Serkaniye and some issues that need to be clarified.
Our Metropolitan Municipality signed 60 tram purchase contracts. The foundation of the Light Rail System in our city was laid with a ceremony on 13 July 1987. The predecessor of the current mayor, the mayor and the mentality opposed the trams brought from Cologne, Germany for a long time; he even stated in the first line of his election manifesto that he would remove the rails when he took office. However, in the very first year of their coming to power, with the participation of the late Erbakan, the trams were started with a grandiose ceremony. However, since that period, the rail system has been interrupted and no progress has been made. The current mayor has made various promises regarding the rail system and public transportation before each election, but he has not bothered to fulfill any of them yet and has not kept his promises. The tram route will be expanded, the trams will be renewed, air conditioning will be installed, etc. The news that a contract was signed for 60 new trams finally added a new dimension to the discussions that have been going on for years. kazanhas risen. First of all, we would like to thank Mr. Mayor for the agreement made. However, we have to state that this agreement is not sufficient for Konya and that while there is the possibility of domestic production in our country, an agreement should not be made with a foreign company.
In Konya, almost every day due to excessive speed, a car flew to the tram road, while public institutions are located in different regions of Konya, while our citizens are traveling in trams and finding an hour for transportation to Selçuk University; Rather than carrying trolleys with enough capacity, Mr. Tahir Akyurek recalled one of his election promises, the Light Metro Project, in an interview with 02 on March 2009 - a local newspaper before the latest local elections. In this interview, Konyaray is given information about the end of the necessary preparations for the project, determining the routes to be built and determining the necessary resources for the investment.
I would like to express to my fellow citizens that we have been through this interview for almost four years. Before the elections, the subject of the subway came on the agenda, but there was nothing tangible about this issue except for small initiatives, and the eyes of our people were tried to be painted. Konya's industrial campuses, hospital campuses, public institutions, bus stations, airports, garage and university campuses and schools take place in different regions and the importance of the concept of time in today's conditions necessitates the Metro or Monarail system. The population of Konya has exceeded 1 million, the necessary permissions from the Ministry of Transport and Ministry of Development for Metro and the municipality have sufficient financial resources have removed the obstacles to the construction of the metro. Turkey's modernization faces the choice of Mr. Konya slogans in the square. Akyürek; in the presidency of each party during the presidency of the party of the Presidency of the party for nine years; after the election continues to remember the promises.
We, as the Nationalist Movement Party We are encouraged to keep the promises given by the President to replace the temporary dressing treatment with the new vehicle agreement of 60. "said.

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