Railway renovation project between Aksehir and Argıthanı started

TCDD 7th Regional Directorate started the 27 km long railway renewal works between Akşehir-Argithanı stations.
TCDD 7. 34 road crossing exposure study between Akşehir and Argıthan, which is located in the district office of 20 last year and lasted about 27 year by train, is visited by a team of 80 people with sacrifices and prayers. he was given.
In the opening of the road renewal and pavement works, the Konya Branch Chairman Necati Kökat, Branch Secretary Sadi Başmaya, Branch Financial Secretary Necmettin Turgut and Board Members attended the opening ceremony. 7 on behalf of TCDD. Regional Director Enver Tiburboğa, Regional Assistant Directors and Service Managers attended.
TCDD 2 at the opening of the study, which is planned to be completed in a monthly period of approximately 7. Regional Director Enver Tiburboğa made a speech and talked about the investments of TCDD.
In his speech, Necati Kökat, Head of Railway-Is Konya Branch, said, “In addition to TCDD's investments, you gathered from 6 to 7 provinces in order to add olive and cheese to our half bread, and I would like to thank those who provided us with this opportunity. I wish this work to be like a wedding, to be an accident-free work in unity and togetherness with each other ”.
The ceremony ended with the lunch of the members of the protocol and the workers.

Source: Domination

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