Kayseri Rail System Works Continuously

Kayseri Rail System Works Continues Quickly: The 2nd and 3rd phase works of the rail system of the Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality's project, which provides great convenience in urban transportation, have accelerated.
According to the statement made by the Metropolitan Municipality, 6 separate teams from the Metropolitan Municipality are carrying out Kayseri Rail System works on the lines of the rail system that will extend to Ildem and Talas.
Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department Head Arif Emecen, 2. and 3. recalled that the stage was tender about 1,5 years ago.
Emecen stated that the detail, field and material works were completed during this period and said, “This year we continued to work because the winter season is also in the spring weather. Our work accelerated with the warming of the weather. "We are planning to complete the 9-kilometer Ildem line and the 7,5-kilometer part of the 4-kilometer Talas line, including rail laying, power transmission lines, and signal system, by the end of this year."
Emecen stated that the rail system is a comprehensive project and said:
“Hopefully, our municipality, Transportation Inc. and our contractor company will complete this work as soon as possible and start the train operation tests on both lines at the end of December. As of today, we have 230 workers working in the field. In May, we will increase the number of workers to 350. Our goal is to complete the work this year. "
Emecen emphasized that there will be 11 passenger stations, 8 transformer stations and 6 water tanks for the irrigation system on the Ildem and Talas lines and stated that they aim to start passenger transport in January 2014.



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