Urban Tram Lines In The American Agenda

Urban Tram Lines In The American Agenda
In Los Angeles, California, California, the United States decided to steer trams to city center roads. The city-bound cities of USA, which has kept the urban tram lines away from the city centers since it is not suitable for vehicle traffic, now accounts for equipping the city center with tram lines.
American journalist Jonathan Nettler, a report on urban transport systems, the city center of the city of California to keep the city tram lines away from the city because of the lack of car traffic, now trying to equip the city center with tram lines revealed. According to the news; A big decision was made to divert Los Angeles trams to the city center roads. The first person to do so is the Ventura Mayor Bill Fulton of the State of California. Los Angeles, Anaheim, Santa Ana and Fullarton'ın also accepts that the new tram lines need to be longer than the cities and the development of the trams here, said.
The report also includes the views of the Mayor of Ventura, Bill Fulton. Fulton N At first glance the trams 21. century, many places do not appear. The only vehicles that push themselves are very slow compared to light rail systems and move according to the traffic flow. However, they become more efficient than buses and services throughout the country and they will ensure the development and development of the city on their line. Ancak

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