Dark Tunnel for TCDD Transfer of Railways to Private Sector

Dark Tunnel for TCDD Transfer of Railways to Private Sector
The amendment of the law aimed at the transfer of TCDD to the private sector is in the TBMM Transportation Commission. In the report prepared by the sub-commission, it was stated that the railways will be revitalized and made competitive. If the opposition to the bill, Turkey is in a very important point in terms of transportation Recalling stressed that the arrangements made in accordance with the demands of international companies.
The government is privatizing TCDD. The railways of TCDD, whose precious lands were sold before, are now opened to the private sector. The bill prepared for this purpose was accepted in the TBMM transportation sub-commission. In the sub-commission report, “For the revitalization of the railways and strengthening its role in transportation; There is a need to establish a free, competitive, economically and socially sustainable railway sector in line with the European Union (EU) legislation. " It was said.
The report stated that the share of railways in passenger transportation was 1950 percent in passenger transportation in the 42s and 68 percent in freight transportation in our country in the 2012s, while the large investments made in recent years have been increasingly maintained, as well as the regulation of the sector and the restructuring of TCDD.
It was claimed that this unbalanced change could be encouraged in favor of the railways.
The ruling party stated that the privatization of the railways would provide a free, transparent, fair and sustainable competitive environment, while the opposition argued that the claims were not correct.
CHP and MHP members stating that remove obstacles to the privatization of the Regulation "Turkey; It is both transit and exit and destination point in rail freight transportation. In addition, Turkey, Central Asia and the final terms of the commercial aspects of the transport sector in South Caucasus
a very strategic location in the region sahiptir.dolayı international companies engaged in commerce, he wants to use the advantages that Turkey has in its favor. Therefore, in the preparation of this bill
your main purpose; it is understood that the wishes and desires of these international companies are being tried to be fulfilled ”.
With the bill; Although the infrastructure should be constructed and operated by the private sector, it was noted that the idea that the private sector would enter into infrastructure investment is not a thought beyond the empty dream because of the fact that infrastructure investments have no profit margins or very low margins.

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