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Chairman Dündardan Bursaya Logistic Village Gospel
Turkey has set for the year 2023 from $ 500 billion export target, to be established in Bursa, targeting about 75 billion dollars a share purchase is considered "logistics park" for Osmangazi Mayor Mustafa from Dündar 3 came in different places on offer. Dündar said, “We determined 3 different locations for the establishment of a logistics village. If Bursa is deemed appropriate by the business world and the public, we can start the studies immediately. We are ready to make all kinds of contributions to this project, which we think is an important achievement for Bursa ”. the second of the 10 most important center of Turkey's exports, 13 industrial zone, 3 that made it great that 60 per cent of the country's exports with automobile factories, agricultural potential, historical and thermal tourism resources of Bursa, one of the country's most önneml centers were increasingly needed logistic village. Advanced industrial and Turkey in Bursa province from the beginning of the beating heart of the economy, business progress in the establishment of a logistics village in recent days to discuss relevant issues from the beginning of the study.
Stating that they are working for the logistics village planned to be established in Bursa, which exports 2012 billion dollars in 11.9, Osmangazi Mayor Mustafa Dündar said, “The logistics village issue is one of the most frequently talked about issues in Bursa recently. As Osmangazi Municipality, we conducted a site research on this subject. "At the end of our work, we determined 3 different places where a logistics village can be established."
Mayor Dündar, who met with the members of MUSIAD Bursa Branch, made a statement on the subject and said, “As a result of the works we have carried out as a municipality, in Aksungur, Çağlayan and Karabalçık, right next to the ring road, very suitable places in terms of ring road, rail and sea route connection. we determined. It is very important that these places, each of which is around 80 hectares, are owned by the public in Bursa. "We are ready to do our part as a municipality if these places, especially the Bursa business world, are owned by the public."
Stating that the idea of ​​logistics villages in Europe was adopted in the 1960s and there are more than 50 logistics villages today, Mayor Mustafa Dündar said, “The purpose of the Logistics Village Project is to gain speed and efficiency in transportation, and to provide competitive advantage by delivering our products to the world easily. It is extremely important that our products, which reach all over the world by road, rail, air and sea transportation, will bring significant benefits to our country's economy and our city. Bursa, which was introduced to the concept of logistics village, which will also create a significant employment, has not yet taken a concrete step. "We, as the municipality, are ready to make all kinds of contributions on the logistics village discussed today."
It is a specific region where all activities related to transportation, logistics and goods distribution at national or international level are carried out by various operators. These villages are generally located outside the metropolitan areas, close to the different types of transport links. In logistics villages, transportation, storage, handling, consolidation, separation, customs clearance, import and export, transit operations, infrastructure, insurance and banking, consultancy services are provided.



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