Facility Area Review Trip Postponed Due to Intensive Type

Governor Abdülkadir Demir, who organized a study trip to Bozdağ Ski Center planned to be built in Tavas district, and his entourage, postponed the trip due to the busy type of the trip. turned.

Denizli Governor Demir, who went to Bozdağ at an altitude of 2 meters in the Nikfer town of Tavas district, where the construction of a ski resort was planned with the expert delegation from the Ministry of Youth Services and Sports and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, had a hard time due to the snowfall and type. The inspection trip was delayed due to his busy type.

In his statement to the journalists, Governor Demir stated that while spring was happening in the center of Denizli, they encountered the type in Bozdağ and that this caused the obligation to postpone the study trip.

Explaining that the technical team from the relevant ministries came here to start the mechanical systems of the ski center, Demir said, “Today, we were going to determine the places where the daily facility areas will be built. We would also determine the location of the mechanical systems and the places where the hotels will be built and the route routes. However, because the road could not be cleared due to heavy snowfall, we went from the hills. Again, we could not continue due to her busy type. Our friends will complete their work on the map. "We will meet with meteorology next week and do this work with the same team one day when the weather improves."

Noting that they are planning to train Bozdağ Ski Center for the 2013-2014 ski season, Demir stated that they received great support from the regional parliamentarians and the Ministry of Finance and the Provincial Special Administration.

“So this year we want to start skiing in Bozdağ. In particular, we want to create a structure where the mechanical system ends. We want to build a branch of the Polisevi in ​​Bozdağ by the Provincial Security Directorate. Our technical friends about this subject came. With this daily facility, we will start and finish the construction of the rescue team and rental facilities. We believe that with the completion of these works, one of Denizli's dreams will come true. Denizli has a white one and that is Pamukkale. Bozdağ will be the second white. A very important service will be provided for winter tourism. "

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