Highway Police Distributes Chocolate On Women's Day

The police teams stopping the vehicles departing from the TEM motorway Çaydurt toll booths in Bolu celebrated 8 March International Women's Day and offered chocolate to women.
In our country where violence against women is increasing day by day, 8 March International Women's Day is celebrated with various activities. Due to World Women's Day in Bolu, police teams on the TEM Motorway made a nice organization. TEM Motorway stops the cars leaving the Chaydurt toll booths, vehicles and passengers on the day celebrated women's day. The event, where the police lady served chocolate and cologne, surprised both the drivers and the passengers. “I was really surprised, Polis said a woman passenger, who thanked the police teams. I never expected something like that. It was a surprise. I would like to thank our policemen polis.
. What do you have to say about violence against women?. Said a journalist. Yolcu What can be said, in fact, it should never be, but it is happening, “the female passenger replied.
Police teams, who celebrated the special day of the women who left the toll booths on the route, returned to their jobs after serving chocolate and cologne.

Source: I habery



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