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CORRail 1000 Device
Systematic measurement errors that affect the wheel shift measurement techniques and do not ignore the methods and systems currently used
As it shows, it does not give exact and correct answers to the demands of today's technology.
Microwave and radar sensors and GPS-based systems are subject to signal losses because they have to deal with different rail bearing surfaces, narrow valleys and interactions in forested spaces in tunnels. For the first time, however, the non-contact optical Hasler ® CORRail Sensor uses the rail surface as a reference and directly measures the speed and direction of movement of a rail vehicle.
HaslerRail company CORRail 1000 device design and production to work in the most severe conditions, the durability of
special care was given to easy maintenance and robustness.
Robust high power infrared LEDs are used as the lighting source. An optical channel showing dirt on the glass can be easily replaced in case of damage to increase operational safety.
For this reason, Hasler® CORRail 1000 Sensor meets all requirements for a longitudinal objective measurement of the railway dynamics in the following areas:
- Drive system (measurement of speed, acceleration, wheel slip and free slip)
- Braking distance
- Navigation / positioning
Hasler ® CORRail Sensor in short;
Track-independent, highly dynamic direct measurement as a reference
- Speed ​​range from 400 to 0.2 km / h
- Reliable data collection during braking and approaching to stop and stop
- Stall detection (<0,2 km / h)
- Direction control
- Measurement uncertainty better than 0.05%
Extremely robust design for the bogie mounting sensor
- Extremely long-lasting, high power, infrared five LED illumination
Optical contamination detection in% steps for highest functional reliability
Programmable standard analog and digital outputs
- Low maintenance and service costs due to its extremely robust technology.

Main Technical Specifications
Reference surface: Rail head (Empty steel)
Speed ​​measuring range: 0.2-400 km / h
Digital pulse output: 1440 pulses / meter (programmable up to 1… 10.000 pulses / meter)
Working distance / range: 125 ± 50 mm
Speed ​​linearity: ± 0.1%
Power supply: 20… 32 VDC
Power consumption: <36 W
Illumination wavelength: 870 nm CAUTION! Invisible IR-radiation!
Dimensions (including connection): Ø 100 mm x 425 mm
Aluminum sensor head weight: Approx. 3.000 g
Electronic box weight: 1.600 g
Lifetime:> 90'000 hours
Degree of protection: IP67
Sensor weight: Maximum 7.600 g
Electronic box weight: Maximum 1.800 g
Lifetime:> 90.000 hours
Degree of protection: IP67

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