MHP Torbalı District Presidency İZBAN Criticism

MHP Torbalı District Presidency İZBAN Criticism
At the press conference of MHP Torbalı District Presidency this time, the main agenda item was local problems.
Evaluating İZBAN and local government, MHP Torbalı District President Yurdadoğ Mutlu said, “One of the biggest problems of Torbalı is freak overpasses. Our R&D team had previously come to examine the work on these overpasses. Soon, the work of the R&D team will be completed and we will share the results with the public. Oktay Vural, MHP Group Deputy Chairman and MHP İzmir Deputy, will come to our district in order to examine the works in Torbalı. Mr. Vural, who will conduct the examinations at 16:16.00 on March XNUMX, will then attend the Karakuyu seminar with us. If it is necessary to return to the İZBAN issue, this project can be stopped by court. We will do our best for this. As I have said many times, we are not against the İZBAN project. We are making a request to take this project underground, ”he said.

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