Description of the Accident on the Metrobus Road

Description of the Accident on the Metrobus Road
A statement was made by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (İbb) about the accident on the metrobus road. In the statement made, “A truck with excessive speed entered the metrobus road in Küçükçekmece Cennet Mahallesi. Material damage occurred in the accident. Metrobus services were delayed for about 45 minutes. Upon the announcement of the incident, IETT and the Department of Road Maintenance and Infrastructure Services were on alert. The truck, which was 40 tons and the tractor turned upside down and formed scissors, was lifted by large cranes with immediate intervention. While there was a congestion in traffic for a while, immediate intervention prevented the incident from turning into a crisis. According to the first determinations, it was learned that the driver went down the ramp past the speed limit and lost control of the steering wheel. The barriers of the Metrobus road were damaged in the accident. The D-100 highway is within the scope of the urban road and the maximum speed limit is 70 km ”.



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