Metrobus is over, local election campaign needs new horizon

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Metrobus is over, local election campaign needs new horizon
The person who recommended the metrobus to IMM President Kadir Topbaş was the President of the World Chamber of Architects, Jaime Lerner.
Jaime Lerner drew me the idea of ​​the BRT while taking a pen and paper in his hand and interviewing him in 2005; those papers are probably in my cellar.
He explained it with lines ...
Just a bus line to the buses, buses will arrive by 2 minutes to the stops and they will move immediately after receiving passengers, already the bus will arrive in 2 minutes, the tickets will be bought in advance or in the bus, in order to avoid clutter at the stops that will not be available.
Jaime Lerner is a Brazilian born in 1934 and served as the mayor of the city of Parana in Southern Brazil, and has become famous in the world for his transportation projects.
He was later elected president of the World Architects Union.
It should not be active at the moment, I did not find any new information about the internet.
Jaime Lerner, then President of the World Chamber of Architects, attended a symposium in Istanbul in 2005.
Before that, he had meetings with Kadir Topbaş and he gave Topbaş the idea of ​​a metrobus.
I had an interview with him at that symposium.
When Jaime Lerner was telling me about the BRT project, he also stated this…
“Metrobus is an auxiliary element, it will never solve the traffic problem of Istanbul alone. The main thing is underground transport, that is, the metro. I also told your mayor. " he said.
However, Kadir Topbaş had taken the metrobus as the main problem solver of Istanbul due to the narrow perspective of the political power he was in and his short-term populist style.
But with the 2012-2013 metrobus event is over.
The volume of the people flowing from the residential areas parallel to the main arteries of Istanbul to the metrobus is so great that the metrobus line is badly crushed under this volume.
For example, a woman passed out last Friday due to a stampede on the BRT bridge.
Metrobus bridges are so full of hours that the bridge is full of hundreds of thousands of people on the bridge in a stadium, not even a step, and those bridges sometimes become unpredictable and inaccessible.
Ki, metrobus stop at the stops, so there is confusion.
Apart from that, we can no longer live in Istanbul.
Even inside the neighborhoods where the car was occupied, it became very difficult to move.
Now we can't even think about going from the European side to the Anatolian side, because we're stuck on the road.
Mobile toilets and mobile restaurants are also needed.
I can't even imagine now that I'm going to go to the other side today.
I could plan to go to nearby cities such as Izmit until 2 year by now, but it is no longer.
I'm not going out there for me anymore.
That's why I can no longer see my cousins ​​in the immediate vicinity of Istanbul.
They should come here but they too, "we can't come." they say.
You may even need to close Istanbul soon, believe me.
After the government party period, as I am brave about road, traffic and congestion, I can no longer experience Istanbul.
At one point Kadir Topbaş had made a premium because of the Metrobus, but he died.
And, in my opinion, Istanbul is now giving even stronger votes to Istanbul projects with detailed and convincing details.
When the projects are clear, detailed and detailed, at least part of the electorate is affected.
I just have to say.
It takes a very hard work to claim to produce a convincing, clear and concrete project about Istanbul.
Because it's a very difficult job.
In fact, there should be help from an internationally selected and highly-qualified advisory committee on Istanbul.
The issue of financing should also be clear in the public presentation.
Otherwise, one of the most fundamental and in fact justified characteristics of our people is that ...
"Everybody talks but speaks for words, what he says is a pumpkin, let's see if this is what he says." thinks as.
Or thinks like this…
"Nobody can fix this overbearing Istanbul."
So, in this sense there is no motivation for a very active vote.
But convincing, very detailed and intelligent projects convince the electorate.
He must be so convincing that in the beginning the project proprietor himself must be very convinced and very convinced.
The man is no longer actively working, I can write.
He told Jaime Lerner in 2005, "How do you think our folks seem to be competent in solving Istanbul problems?" she grimaced and nodded negatively when I asked.
Jaime Lerner saw that the IMM President focused only on metrobus and that this would not work with this horizon.
I had asked my question without bias, but the reaction from it was the reaction of a professional who knew the business.
He knows the job well.
It also foresees the next step of a step shot.

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