Metrobus polemics in the parliament

Metrobus polemics in the parliament
Golbasi City Council March 2. meeting, AKP, MHP and CHP members metrobus debate was marked.
MHP'li Ali Atsız'ın metrobus about the off-agenda and there are problems about the metropolitan council members who want to deal with the debate began, turned into bilateral polemics.
Hamit Mermer stated that the metrobus application in Gölbaşı is a pilot application and that mistakes were detected in this application. “If successful, it will be applied to other districts of Ankara. EGO is damaging. In order to prevent these damages, public transport will be implemented if successful. ”
Ercan Şimşek, a CHP member of parliament, metrobus application with a serious transportation problem in Gölbaşı and TOKI'deki participating in the action, expressed that the free transportation service implemented by the Municipality of Gölbaşı TOKİ. Şimşek stated that the municipality should implement the free transportation service to other neighborhoods and pointed out that there is a parliamentary decision on this issue.
Metropolitan Municipality Councilor Fatih Duruay, who defended the metrobus application of the Metropolitan Municipality Karşıyaka While the good news that the bus services in the neighborhood will start again after the works on Haymana Road are finished, otobüs Previously, buses were going through haymana road, doctors were going to the site but the buses were empty and removed when they came empty. Where did this metrobus come from? It is not a metrobus. Kul
Citizens are satisfied with the application of the metrobus Duruay, the CHP members participating in the action of the TOKI metrobus "who throw the Turkish flag on the horse who is certain," he said.
You're sorry
Fatih Duruay's words on the words of the CHP Yusuf Aksakal Fatih Duruay'ın arguing that unfair, he wanted to apologize.
KADİR BURAN: We made it up to her case
Last but not least Kadir Yanık MHP'li free bus application about the said interesting words. Burn, TOKI illegal illegal bus application for the "case made up," he said.

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