Marmaray Wagons at Eurasia Rail Exhibition


Marmaray Wagons at Eurasia Rail Fair Hyundai Rotem exhibited its passenger wagons to be used in the Marmaray project for the first time at Eurasia Rail Fair.

Each of the Marmaray wagons has a capacity of 315 people and is 22,5 meters long. There are ventilation and heating systems to provide a comfortable journey for the passengers.

Marmaray Wagons Technical Information:

Marmaray Multiple Electrical Units consist of 34 wagons in the form of train sets consisting of 10 wagons and 20 wagons. 5 October 440 will be temporarily used with 29 wagon sets.

The MCT and MCF wagons have a machinist compartment. This train equipment is suitable for multi-unit activities. One of the two (2) wagon subassembly motors of the MC and M wagons is a traction motor and the T wagons have two (1,425) trailer motors of the standard size 2 mm. There are automatic fasteners on both sides of the train sets and other internal vehicles have semi-permanent fasteners. The total length of MCF, T and M wagons is 22,5 meters and only MCT wagons are 22,6 meters. The total length of the 10 wagon train is 225,2 meters and the total length of the 5 wagon train is 112,5 meters.

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  1. It is funny to write, in this age, "there is a ventilation system for the comfort of the passengers", even if the horse carries it.