Marmaray buses showcased

Marmaray buses were showcased. Sirkeci, which will be renewed within the scope of Marmaray ProjectHalkalı commuter train line services, Friday, the first bus service was removed.
Sirkeci-Halkalı The announcement that the trains will be removed on March 1, 2013, which was hung at all stations on the suburban train line, started to be implemented today. First stop Halkalı In order to reduce the density in this line, Halkalı The bus line was placed directly from the stop to Eminönü. The other line was between Küçükçekmece and Eminönü. The intensity of this line, which carries about 80 thousand passengers during the day, was tried to be reduced with 5 municipal buses each departing in 10 to 2 minutes. led. The passengers, who were confused due to the fact that it was the first day of the bus services, poured the bus drivers into question. While worried citizens tried to make sure not to be late for their work or school, the fact that the flights were extended to Eminönü, although it was announced that they would be until Yenikapı, provided an advantage for many people. Sirkeci-Halkalı The buses, which run parallel to the coastal road, pass the upper line after Yeşilköy train station. Then, it reaches Eminönü by continuing from the coastal road on the Ataköy route. It seems that the line, which minimizes the victimization of the citizens, provided a good journey contrary to expectations.

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