Work on the Environment Road in Malatya

Malatya Mayor Ahmet Cakir, said that the work on the ring road will be finished by the end of the year.
Mayor Cakir, vice-mayor and some department managers examined the site of the infrastructure work on the road infrastructure. President Cakir, said in a statement here last year, launched infrastructure and art structures continued rapidly, he said. Battalgazi intersection and the intersection of the curtain wall built between the intersection of the work is largely completed Cakir, similar work will be performed at other points, he said.
Mayor Çakır continued as follows: “With the parking lot in front of the Tax Office service building and the square we built on the underpass we covered, we added 7 decares of space to that area. We will transform the square into a living space where a number of activities can be held, with a modern landscape arrangement to be made on it. Within the same project, there is also the renewal of the Şire Pazarı. We will integrate Şire Pazarı through the environment and Şire Pazarı will become an important shopping center in Malatya at the apricot trade point. Again on our ring road, which is the city pass of our Malatya; We are installing very modern lighting poles, perhaps unprecedented, which were first applied in Malatya. We continue these works together with the side road pavement lighting. We will have finished our work by the end of this year. With the completion of the works, a decent environment that suits Malatya will be provided on the ring road. "
Mayor Çakır stated that the ring road side and middle median will be afforested by the Park and Gardens Directorate and that the sapling planting works have started. Explaining that traffic accidents occur from time to time on the ring road, Çakır said, “In order to eliminate these accidents, the middle wrought iron of the area will be made in the next week, with the emergency between Battalgazi Junction and Dedekorkut-Station Junction. Here, too, the traffic flow will be healthier and guidance will be provided for pedestrian crossings either from overpasses or intersections. " used the expressions.

Source: haberaktüel



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