Tram Faults in Konya

Tram Faults in Konya
Known, the Metropolitan Municipality took 60 new model tram by opening a tender. Service is not bad, but the wrong happens.
In my opinion, there is a mistake in this tram business. I want to sort. But let me tell you at the beginning. From the work done hastily with the concern of choice, there is no healthy outcome.
Let me come to the wrong:
I've always said that Konya needs new tram machines. First of all, Konya tram line needs rehabilitation.
That is, it needs a fast, practical and unattached trolley, not a stop for every 2 every minute.
For example, he needs a tram that takes the 30 line in minutes.
Konya rails are as high as intercity train rails. To use the low trams you need to be buried on the road to get lines functional.
How will these trams be put into service since the 3 will not be done this month? Well, I wonder. It can be put into service. But I don't think he's gonna be rantab.
Such a large investment should not have been transformed into an investment of choice. Now people are questioning. Will 9 not say where you've been in the year?
At the press conference, I got the impression that the 60 pieces tram would be put into service immediately. However, in the tender specifications 1080 day condition has been set as the delivery time of the vehicles. This almost corresponds to the 3 year.
480 days later, so again I only underline a tram after 15 months up and down, only 1 tram will come to Konya. (it says in the specification)
Now see local elections in March in 2013. Only one of the tramways will come to Konya in the 480 days. Probably a full nomination will be held within a period of nominations. I want to say that I don't think this is ethical. I've been telling you from the beginning.
Such a serious issue should not be transformed into an election investment.
Mr. President said that with the new trams, the annual transportation problem of Konya's 50 will be solved.
I wonder and I ask.
Line same line, same way. Changing only tram. So how is the transportation problem solved? Are the now-used trams that make transportation in Konya problematic?
The old trams are said to be used on new lines. All right, which new line?
Today, the construction of a new line takes approximately 2 years. Room short. It's a full year. How will this work?
If the 9 had been set up a new year in the year, would it be bad if the other trams were shifted slowly?
Actually, I have a lot of questions to ask.
I find it sufficient for now. But I can't pass without saying.
Antalya entered this tram business. Menderes Bey lost the election. Risky business.
I don't think falanda is such a festive air in public. I think the administration should think again.
This tram business should be left to the next period.
If a new administration comes, they should make the decision to put Konya at a significant cost. Otherwise, more serious work should be done.
In such a democratic country, such binding steps shall not be taken before 1 year. I said I should.

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