Konya industry would do the tram

📩 26/11/2018 18:06

Konya industry would do the tram: Saadet Party Karatay District Chairman Ali Genç, who criticized the award of the tram tender to foreigners, has a serious infrastructure in the Konya industry. The facility said it would do its own tram.
Felicity Party Karatay District Chairman Ali Genç held a press conference on issues on the agenda. Speaking at the Provincial Organization, Ali Genç criticized the terror issue, the Milk Bank Project and the tram tender. Stating that they support the projects that will stop the blood in the terrorism issue, Genç stated that they should not expect help from İmralı in this process. Young said, “We should not turn İmralı into a political figure and most importantly, we should dry the connections of terrorism, pay attention to our so-called strategic partners, model partners who support terrorism directly or indirectly, and we should know our enemy well. It has never been a friend of us in the EU or the USA. Let's be the leader of the Islamic geography, the oppressed geography, rather than entering the EU or Shanghai and trying to be a patch. Otherwise, by saying Turk-Kurd today, Alevi-Sunni tomorrow, another day, blood and tears continue to flow by causing another strife. They both want to break divide Turkey by mixing Islam. He said that these games should be very vigilant against these benches ”.
Ali Genç, who also criticized about the tram tender held in the past days, said: “Konya Metropolitan Municipality made a tender for 60 trams. The Czechs won this tender with 105 million Euros. In this process, why did not these trams be built in Konya industry? Konya has a serious potential in its industry. Our Konya could easily build his own tram with the permission of Allah. We know that some parts of the Istanbul metro were made in Konya in 1994-1996 and these parts are still produced in Konya. If the opportunity had been given, it could have been done on these trams in Konya. Most importantly, our money wouldn't have gone outside. Come on, there are serious studies regarding the tram in other provinces that we did not do in Konya. Bursa produced its tram, why was not consulted with them? Why was the opinion of Konyalı not taken? The sad but real Konyalı's opinion was taken about the color of the tram. In other words, the color of the tram is green, blue, yellow or pink. Truly ridiculous situation, if the color of the tram is green, what if it is red. Advertisements were given on billboards, newspapers and televisions. Mr. Akyürek made serious press conferences and television programs about it. Why did you advertise so much about the color of the tram when you didn't get anyone's opinion about the purchase of the tram? Do you see these people so naive? You choose the color, do you say enough? Why were the words of some experts not taken into account, and finally, why did you not stipulate at least 51 percent domestic production? " Young, Konya Chamber of Commerce with the agency organizing the evening which will be held today at the Conference Hall 'in Turkey and in the world What's Going On' is invited to all the people in the conference.

Source: Konya Yenigün

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