Prime Minister Erdoğan to Launch Konya Eskişehir YHT Expeditions

Prime Minister Erdoğan to Launch Konya Eskişehir YHT Expeditions
Ak Party Eskişehir Provincial Chairman Süleyman Reyhan, 23-24 March will come to Eskisehir Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's program tomorrow will be clear, he said.
Every week on Monday, the People's Day meeting before the meeting with the Provincial Chairman Suleyman Reyhan, the 18 Mart Martyrs Memorial and Çanakkale Victory because of the 98 anniversary of the party as a party next to martyr families, he said. Reyhan, '' Çanakkale Victory's 98 year anniversary due to the commemoration of my martyrs. It is our neck's duty to ensure that the families of our martyrs have the custody of their lives. It has been a subject that our government has shown sensitivity in order to mitigate the suffering of our veterans materially and morally and to spare them the care they deserve. Veterans and martyrs how they have served their homeland for the sake of cefakarca, we will continue to show them the same sensitivity, '' he said.
23 March evening 2013 Eskişehir Turkic Cultural Capital of the opening ceremony for the opening ceremony of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who came to Eskişehir yet to be mentioned in the program Reyhan, said:
'' Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan will come to Eskisehir at the weekend. Saturday and Sunday will be in Eskisehir. The details of the program are not yet clear. The main concept in the program 2013 The opening of the Turkish World Capital of Culture. The event will be at Ataturk Stadium on Saturday evening. Before that, we can have an advisory council with our organization. We offered that, but it wasn't clear yet. From tomorrow onwards, the Prime Ministry team will come to Eskişehir and clarify them. We will make the necessary explanations later. County visits will most likely. Preparations related to couples are also made by the Prime Ministry. Çifteler may be visiting Sivrihisar. ''
Reyhan, Prime Minister Erdogan's 24 March on the Konya-Eskisehir High Speed ​​Train (YHT) announced the launch of flights.
Referring to the events in Eskişehir Osmangazi University, Provincial President Reyhan stated that they do not want the events to be seen as a political material. We also do not want this to be seen as a political material. I disagree that the Republican People's Party keeps campuses inhabited. While we serve campus hospitals and campus schools, they are satisfied with visiting campuses. We want our youth to be young people who read, think, practice, and conclude. We want young people holding a pencil, we never wanted young people throwing stones. We do not want our youth to be involved in such movements that disrupt our unity and solidarity. We believe that our youth will be discreet. We believe that the Republican People's Party will in no way prevent such provocations. ''

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