Kartal district and marmaray project

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Kartal district and marmaray project
Kartal district is located on the Anatolian side of Istanbul, surrounded by Maltepe in the west, Sancaktepe in the north, and Pendik in the east, and has a population of 2012 according to 443.293 population data.
Kartal district; In recent years, the new palace of justice was launched in 2012. Kadıköy-It has developed greatly with new investments such as the Kartal metro line and the planned urban transformation project, and has become a region that attracts and demands investors. The investments made have rapidly changed the face and the recipient profile of the district and the demand for the region has started to change positively.
It is located on the Kartal D-100 Highway axis, and is surrounded by the beach on the south and the O-4 highway on the north. The increase in the efficiency of Sabiha Gökçen Airport has caused an increase in interest in Kartal region as well as Pendik and Tuzla regions. KadıköyWith the Kartal Metro Line and Marmaray Project, Kartal has become a region with a wide variety of land, sea and rail transportation.
When the Kartal-wide projects are considered, it is seen that the parcels located around D-100 Highway are mainly designed as offices and home offices, but there are also residence projects. It can be said that the demand for offices and housing has increased especially in the region with the Courthouse. Due to the lack of vacant land stock on the coastline, it is seen that new housing projects are mostly shifting onto D-100 Highway.
It has the advantage of accessing the region from three main roads such as coastal road, E-5 and minibus road, as well as being one of the most important infrastructure projects of the region, which has recently started operating. Kadıköy-The Eagle Metro line also offered a new alternative to transportation brought the region closer to the center, and was one of the most important factors affecting unit sales prices in projects and increasing the value of the region. Especially in the Maltepe-Kartal line, it is thought that the new office projects built along the E-5 axis and the prestigious housing projects implemented will increase the number of people traveling to the region during the day, and the fact that there are many transportation alternatives and infrastructure projects such as the metro line accelerate the development in the region and positively affect the demand. is also considered.
The Palace of Justice, which was built in the district boundaries and targeted to be put into service in the near future, is one of the most important projects that make Maltepe and Kartal districts an attraction zone, increasing the demand for the region and affecting the buyer profile. The location of the Palace of Justice in this region has caused many law offices, lawyers and various investors to invest in this region. Especially qualified housing investments are concentrated in this region. It has been determined that the owners who buy apartments for use in new housing projects in the region are mostly lawyers and will use the apartments for home - office purposes. The increase in the number of public and private hospitals in the region causes doctors and nurses to demand the region. With this project, especially in the vicinity of the palace of justice and the E-5 high-quality parts of the office projects are concentrated in areas, both Kartal district and Maltepe district as an interaction zone due to its proximity to the prestigious housing projects began to be built, the interest of investors in the region and rapidly changing the profile of buyers It was observed. Many companies with high brand recognition and high reputation have made investments in the region and will realize their projects in the near future. In the examinations carried out in the environment, it was observed that mixed projects with “Housing + Trade” and “Office” functions were generally included in the region.
When the prices in the region are considered in terms of housing and office prices, it is observed that unit sales figures in prestigious housing projects may change in average 2.000-3.000 USD / m2 levels depending on the location and characteristics of the project, and the unit sales figures of the offices depending on the same variables can be changed according to the same variables. 2.000 can be said to be in USD / m4.000.

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